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YELLOW CARD - Banana farm induction course

Every year many workers are injured, become ill or even die as a result of misunderstood or ignored safety issues in the workplace.

The YELLOW CARD is an ONLINE pre-employment farm safety induction that provides industry- recognised compulsory Health & Safety training for banana farm workers.


The Yellow Card is translated into French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese, Tongan and Samoan.


The Yellow Card Induction covers the following topics:

Welcome to the Industry, Farm Specific Safety Issues, Work Health and Safety and You, Job Expectations (what the farmer expects of YOU), Incident and Hazard Reporting, Accidents and First Aid, Safety Signage, Fire Prevention, What to do in an Emergency, Personal Protective Equipment, Machinery Safety, Working around Tractors, Trailers and Cherry Pickers, Hazardous Chemicals, Dangerous Animals, Personal Health, Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol, Workplace Harassment.